Why Ittrium?

Bitcoin is commonly referred to as digital gold.  In a similar way, we consider Ittrium to be the digital equivalent to the rare-earth metal Yttrium.  Yttrium is synonymous with modern technology; it’s used in the production of computers, smart phones, lasers and superconductors. 

The demand for Yttrium has significantly increased in recent years and its relevance and value will continue to increase in the future.  In many ways, Yttrium is the perfect metaphor for the Ittrium Cryptocurrency.

Pre-mine Coin Distribution

The 495,000 pre-mined XIT will be used/distributed as per the following process.  The pre-exchange masternode sale will offer 20 masternodes (totalling 100,000 XIT) for purchase on a first come, first serve basis.  The ‘seed capital’ generated from this sale will be used for advertising and exchange listings.

After the pre-exchange masternode sale and once Ittrium has been listed on an exchange, an additional 350,000 XIT coins will be listed for new investors to purchase, the capital raised will be used to create a ‘stepped defensive buy wall’ to improve liquidity and protect against negative price volatility. The remaining 45,000 XIT (0.13% of total supply) will be reserved for bounties and distributed amongst the Ittrium team.

Price Stability

A price stable crypto, is that even possible?  The Ittrium team believes it is possible to minimise price volatility (in terms of BTC value) by increasing liquidity via the creation of a defensive buy wall, which in turn reduces investor exposure and risk and consequently, reduces Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

Increasing Liquidity

Liquidity is the term used to describe the degree to which an asset, such as a cryptocurrency, can be quickly bought or sold in the market without affecting the asset’s price. Low liquidity is often the cause of negative price volatility.  Sadly, very few new crypto projects understand the importance of improving liquidity.  The first goal of any new crypto should be to overcome low liquidity before FUD overtakes the mindset of investors.

Defensive Buy Wall

350,000 XIT or 70% of the pre-mine will be listed on an exchange for new investors to purchase.  The capital raised will be used to create a ‘stepped defensive buy wall’ to improve liquidity and protect against negative price volatility.  For example, the first exchange allocation of 50,000 XIT will be listed at 0.00007 BTC/XIT and once sold, the capital raised will be used to create 53,846 XIT worth of buy orders at 0.000065 BTC/XIT.   This process will continue until for the remaining six exchange allocations, until the initial 350,000 XIT has been purchased and replaced by 372,226 XIT worth of buy orders.


To maintain transparency and to reassure investors this isn’t an elaborate spoofing ploy, all exchange orders will be announced and publicly available.  Any buy orders the Ittrium team places are genuine offers and will either be sold or remain indefinitely.  To mitigate the risk of an exchange hack, a common occurrence in the cryptosphere, the decision might be made to only expose a proportion of funds (to be determined), at any given time.

Only 20 Masternodes available

# Phase 1: 10 MNs | Price: 0.300 BTC per MN
# Phase 2: 10 MNs | Price: 0.325 BTC per MN

Contact @MiniSquirrel
(Profile ending with #3333 Discord ID –  442907122716639232)

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