We’re hosting a brand new Discord name bounty over on the XIT channel! Join us on Discord now to get a chance at FREE XIT. To qualify for the bounty, simple added the tag ![ittrium.io] to the beginning of your Discord profile name. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas for the Community. Have an idea for a bounty that’ll make everyone happy? Get in touch with us.

Transparency & Trust in Ittrium

To maintain transparency and to reassure investors this isn’t an elaborate spoofing ploy, all exchange orders will be announced and publicly available. Any buy orders the Ittrium team places are genuine offers and will either be sold or remain indefinitely. To mitigate the risk of an exchange hack, a common occurrence in the cryptosphere, the decision might be made to only expose a proportion of funds (to be determined), at any given time.

(Don’t forget – we’re in the last phase of our Twitter Competition with AL1CE as well).

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