The numbers are in.. we’re happy to announce 600 Ittrium Wallet Downloads! This is an exciting and incredible achievement. To put it in perspective, it’s only been one month sincewe boasted 250 downloads. That’s almost 3x the user reach in a months’ time! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Grab a copy of our latest wallet now ›

Our wallet holds the most important information of the Ittrium blockchain – your XIT. From it you can send and receive XIT to anyone in the world. It also houses your Masternode configuration file for those of whom are lucky enough to be invovled as an MN holder. As a reminder, taken directly from our Lightpaper:

Ittrium Masternodes

Masternodes improve network stability and are tasked with important network duties allowing for near instant and private send functionality, called SwiftTX and Obfuscation, respectively. In return Masternodes receive a greater percentage of block rewards (i.e. 73%) to incentivise Masternode uptake. A wallet with 5,000 XIT collateral is required to host a Masternode.

We’re always looking to improve ourselves & the Ittrium project.
Have something you want to contibute? Please, contact us on Discord.

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