It’s been a busy few weeks so first up apologies for the lack of correspondence.  Moving forward I plan on releasing monthly community updates (towards the end of each month) of what we’ve achieved during the past month and goals for the following 4 weeks.  First of all, let’s recap. Welcome to the November 2018 Community Update.




Ittrium’s main development goal is ‘striving to be the most technically advanced privacy orientated cryptocurrency.’  In line with this goal, November sore the release of version 2.0.0 in which we implemented the ZeroCoin privacy protocol, a type of zero-knowledge proof.


A significant amount of effort went into this update, 396 files were edited, with over 37 thousand lines of code added.  Whilst extensive testing was conducted, it was disappointing to say the least, that a minor spork bug, essentially resulted in all nodes banning one another, causing the blockchain to temporarily pause.  Whilst we acknowledge this doesn’t inspire community confidence, with any update of this scale, minor bugs will likely remain.


Despite this minor stumble, the issue was quickly identified and version 2.0.1 was released shortly afterwards fixing the issue.  The team did not, and will never apologise for minor bugs such as the one encountered.  We value the importance of development, as so few crypto projects do any development at all.  In my opinion, it’s the easiest way to spot a scam coin, anyone considering investing in a new project should do GitHub due diligence at the very least.


Back to my point, there is only ONE way to be a completely bug free programmer, do not code at all!  Bugs are unavoidable because programmers are human, all we can do is try our best to prevent them, react quickly when a bug occurs, and learn from our mistakes.  Projects that don’t develop, will fall behind and fade into crypto-oblivion.  Ittrium will continuously develop, as such, we’ll undoubtably encounter bugs in the future.  Rest assured however, we are very confident that we can squish any unforeseen bugs that may arise within a timely manner.


We ask our community to be patient WHEN we encounter a bug in the future.  Also please refrain from posting negative comments during these periods, they only serve to create FUD, which is counterproductive to say the least.  If you come across any bugs please create a ticket in the #tech-support channel on our discord, NOT in #general.


Exchange listing


Earlier this month we announced that we had submitted an application to get Ittrium listed on the Bisq decentralized exchange ( Bisq is our preferred exchange for a number of reasons, the fact there is no costs is certainly a big plus, as this allows us to build a bigger defensive buy wall.  That said, please note that we have no influence on WHEN or IF, our listing application will be approved.


Lastly, the team is in no rush, whilst there is certainly advantages of getting listed shortly after a coins launch, such as improving investor confidence, there are also many disadvantages.  The main one being, low liquidity.


Ittrium distinguishes itself from our competitors in many ways, however the most apparent difference is our strategy to increase liquidity via the creation of a defensive buy wall, which we believe will reduce negative price volatility and in turn, will help protect investors.  The team feels strongly that getting listed prior to having sufficient capital to improve liquidity, will simply result in failure.  Consequently, if our Bisq application is unsuccessful, we owe it to our investors that we DO NOT get listed on an exchange until we have sufficient defensive buy wall capital.


Community and Marketing


This past month we have significantly improved our marketing capabilities with the aid of The CryptoCoin Man and Coinvasity. We now have over 750 Discord members and 400 on twitter and it’s growing day by day.   I’d like to thank them both for their contribution this month, they have aided Ittrium’s cause immensely.


That said, we recognise that we need to find innovative ways to attract investors, so I’m throwing out a challenge to our community, anyone that introduces a new member that actively takes part in the presale, will themselves received 10% of what’s purchased for free!  So be sure to spread Ittrium wide and far (without spamming people)!   Also, if anyone has any recommendations be they website listing, forums, advertising, promoters and/or influences please let one of the team know.


Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Coinvasity again and wish him success in future crypto endeavours, as his time promoting Itrrium has regrettably come to an end.



December Goals


  1. Add a ‘MN install and setup video guide’ on our YouTube channel.
  2. Add a ‘Ittrium wallet – User video guide’ on our YouTube channel.
  3. Seek additional influences and promoters increase Ittrium’s awareness.
  4. Finalise the masternode pre-sale.
  5. List Ittrium on an Exchange and


Join us on Discord for all of the latest announcements as they happen.


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