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November 2018 Community Update

It’s been a busy few weeks so first up apologies for the lack of correspondence.  Moving forward I plan on releasing monthly community updates (towards the end of each month) of what we’ve achieved during the past month and goals for the following 4 weeks.  First of all, let’s recap. Welcome to the November 2018 […]

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zXIT is Here! New Wallet Available

Introduction Ittrium’s main development goal is ‘striving to be the most technically advanced privacy orientated cryptocurrency.’  In line with this goal, Ittrium wallet v2.0.0 will go live on 11/11/2018 (time-zones vary) and will implement the ZeroCoin privacy protocol, a type of zero-knowledge proof. A significant amount of work has gone into this massive update, 396 […]

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Block Height 80k on Explorer

The Ittrium Explorer has today reached a new milestone of Block Height 80k! The official 80,000th block can be found here. This is another testament to the robust Ittrium Network. We’ve had a flurry of interest in Ittrium lately, thanks in part to our recent listing on MNCN.Online. As a reminder, MNCN offers: Ittrium Masternode Data […]

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Ittrium MNCN Online Listing!

The Ittrium Team is ecstatic to announce the Ittrium MNCN Online Listing! If you haven’t visited their website before, check it out here. MNCN specialises in focusing on Masternode Cryptocurrency data analysis & bringing more Masternode Cryptocurrencies to the Chinese market. This is an exciting achievement and we’re happy to be apart of their high-traffic website. […]

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Ittrium Core v1.1.0 Release

Today we’d like to announce the Ittrium Core v1.1.0 release! This update brings a few new changes as well as general stability improvements and enhancements. Please see the full change log below as well as the links to download the new software: Change log v1.1.0 New Graphical User Interface (GUI). Updated code, Amount changed to […]

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Block Height 70k on Explorer

The Ittrium Network has today reached a milestone of Block Height 70k! View it here on our Explorer. This is a testament to the stability of the Ittrium Network and we thank all members that have been involved thus far. We’re always looking for constructive feedback to grow our network, if you have any, please […]

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Whitepaper Video Sharing Bounty

To celebrate the release of our Whitepaper Summary video, we’re holding a Whitepaper video sharing bounty! All you need to do is follow the steps below to receive 10 XIT FREE. Looking for more? Follow the bonus step to get up to 20 XIT absolutely free. 1. Like & Share our WP Summary Video Tweet 2. Join […]

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Ittrium Whitepaper Summary Video

Hey! You! Don’t like reading? Not a problem, I don’t really either. The Ittrium Team is happy to announce the release of our Ittrium Whitepaper Summary Video! In this video, Drew (aka MiniSquirrel) goes over the whitepaper as a summary to make sure that you get all of the best information in the shorted time […]

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600 Ittrium Wallet Downloads

The numbers are in.. we’re happy to announce 600 Ittrium Wallet Downloads! This is an exciting and incredible achievement. To put it in perspective, it’s only been one month sincewe boasted 250 downloads. That’s almost 3x the user reach in a months’ time! Congratulations to everyone involved. Grab a copy of our latest wallet now › Our […]