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Brand new FAQ Page Launch

The Ittrium Team is happy to announce a brand new FAQ page launch! This will harbour all of the commonly asked questions and solutions directly from the team. Feel like we’ve missed something? Get in touch with us now. Here’s an excerpt from one of our most commonly asked questions: Why do I see orphan […]

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Whitepaper & Lightpaper Updates

The Ittrium Team is happy to announce an update to our use-case. We’ve made Whitepaper & Lightpaper Updates accordingly! Here’s a sneak peak abstract taken from the Whitepaper: Ittrium’s goal is simple; to create a near instantaneous, anonymous, digital currency which is price-stable in terms of BTC value, whilst being fast and convenient for people to […]

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Telegram Member Bounty

The Ittrium Team is giving away 5 XIT to every user who subscribes to our Telegram with our Telegram Member Bounty! Simply join the channel linked in the post, then post your address on the #telegram-bounty channel in Discord. On your mark.. get set.. go! If you missed it, we’re still having a pre-sale on Ittrium […]

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Phase 3 of Rewards

Ittrium has reached Phase 3 of rewards! If you don’t have any idea what we’re talking about, please see our chart below! This is an exciting time for existing Stakers and MN Holders. Our rewards distribution provides fairness for Ittrium members of all varieties. Unlike other crypto projects, our rewards start low and ramp up […]

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250 Ittrium Wallet Downloads

Have you heard the news? There’s been 250 Ittrium Wallet Downloads! This is an exciting accomplishment and milestone for the team and the Ittrium Community. If you haven’t already, make sure you grab a copy now. Our wallet brings all the power of the Ittrium network in a sleek, simple design. We’re always looking to constantly […]

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300 Members on Discord

The Ittrium Team is happy to announce that we’ve passed 300 members on Discord! Discord is our preferred place to discuss all things Ittrium. If you haven’t done so already, join the Ittrium Discord Server now. Our Discord community continues to be the anchor point of Ittrium. In it, we discuss all the latest with […]

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Block 30k passed on Explorer!

Ittrium has officially passed block 30k! We look forward to the next 30,000 blocks. Check out the official height on the Ittrium Explorer here! With this comes the 3rd phase of reward distributions. We’re excited to announce this milestone to our community and can’t thank you enough for all the support. This project will continue […]

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Meet Ittrium

Blockchain technology has made it possible for several projects which seems unimaginable and impossible to have fruition today. Bitcoin, which most people thought was a joke( at the time), is still existing and topping the chart as the most expensive currency in the world.