The Ittrium Cryptocurrency team strives to develop a market leading cryptocurrency that is price stable, offering fair returns via PoS and Masternodes. Check out our informative posts in the Giveaways category. Here we’ll post all of our bounties, giveaways and competitions to the Ittrium Community. Grab some free XIT here!

To celebrate the release of our Whitepaper Summary video, we’re holding a Whitepaper video sharing bounty! All you need to do is follow the steps below to receive 10 XIT FREE. Looking for more? Follow the bonus step to get up to 20 XIT absolutely free.

1. Like & Share our WP Summary Video Tweet

2. Join us on Discord and post your XIT address & Twitter username in the #wp-video-bounty channel

3. Bonus: share the video link & comment your XIT address on the original YouTube video for another 10 XIT!

Good luck to everyone who participates.

Please, join us on Discord to have your opinion heard.
We’re always looking for the latest & greatest giveaways for our Community.

We’re announcing a brand new Ittrium Giveaway! Follow the steps below for your FREE XIT.

All you need to do is comment your XIT address on this blog post. Once the bounty is over, all participants will receive 10 XIT for free!

* We’re big on disclosure: your email address used in the competition may be used for future Ittrium promotions.
We’ll never send you anything that’s non-Ittrium related, that’s a promise.

Have a problem? Please, send us a message on Discord now.
Check out explorer to see what block height we’re up to – we’ve recently hit a milestone of 50k!

The Ittrium Team is happy to announce the XIT Pre-Sale Share Giveaway! All you need to do is the follow the steps below to receive your 10 FREE XIT.


  1. Read our XIT Pre-Sale post
  2. Share the post on Twitter & tag us (@IttriumCore)
  3. Comment your Twitter username on the post (on the website) along with your XIT Address.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on Discord now.
Check out our recent milestone of block height 40,000 while you’re at it!

Make sure you comment on the XIT Pre-Sale post to join in on the giveaway.

We’re hosting a brand new Discord name bounty over on the XIT channel! Join us on Discord now to get a chance at FREE XIT. To qualify for the bounty, simple added the tag ![] to the beginning of your Discord profile name. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas for the Community. Have an idea for a bounty that’ll make everyone happy? Get in touch with us.

Transparency & Trust in Ittrium

To maintain transparency and to reassure investors this isn’t an elaborate spoofing ploy, all exchange orders will be announced and publicly available. Any buy orders the Ittrium team places are genuine offers and will either be sold or remain indefinitely. To mitigate the risk of an exchange hack, a common occurrence in the cryptosphere, the decision might be made to only expose a proportion of funds (to be determined), at any given time.

(Don’t forget – we’re in the last phase of our Twitter Competition with AL1CE as well).

The Ittrium Team is looking for content creators of all varieties. If you’re in to marketing and / or promotion, get in touch now! We offer fair, unique rewards based compensation. Your role would involve working with the Ittrium Core Team to bring the latest updates to our Community.

We work hard to make sure that everyone stays up to date across our various social media platforms. Sometimes though we get a little bogged down and don’t get it out as quick as we’d like. We’re looking for dedicated and hardworking members to manage different platforms.

Follow us on Twitter (@IttriumCore) for more updates.

Have you heard the latest Ittrium Bounty? We’re having a brand new Ittrium Bounty – Twitter Giveaway with AL1CE! Follow the steps below to go in the running to win 100 XIT.

Follow @Princess_AL1CE +@IttriumCore
Like & Retweet this tweet
Tag 2 friends
Join XIT, and NLC on Discord
:gift: 1 Winner will win 100 XIT! Announced on Saturday. :gift::heart_eyes::rocket:

Via @Princess_AL1CE on Twitter

This awesome giveaway has helped with our recent milestone of 150+ Twitter followers.
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Don’t forget, we’ve also recently updated our blog layout!
Take a look at the announcement here and view the blog here.

The Ittrium Team is giving away 5 XIT to every user who subscribes to our Telegram with our Telegram Member Bounty! Simply join the channel linked in the post, then post your address on the #telegram-bounty channel in Discord. On your mark.. get set.. go!

If you missed it, we’re still having a pre-sale on Ittrium Masternodes. Get in quick before they disappear. Need a reason to invest? Make sure you’ve introduced yourself to Ittrium.
Get in quick, we’re only offering a small amount of pre-sale Masternodes before listing on an Exchange. Get in now to insure your Masternode at our early-bird prices.