The Ittrium Cryptocurrency team strives to develop a market leading cryptocurrency that is price stable, offering fair returns via PoS and Masternodes. Check out our informative posts in the Network category. This section will contain all of the Ittrium Network updates, including block heights and other need-to-know information. Find out more about our robust network here.

The Ittrium Team is happy to announce that our blockchain is now at Block Height 90k! This brings with it a new phase of rewards, Phase 5. This phase of rewards brings a total of 11 XIT per block. Get in quick before we hit our peak phases! Please see the chart below for more information. We hit a new milestone on our Explorer every 20 days or so, make sure you keep up to date!

Block Height 90k & Phase 5 of Rewards


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The Ittrium Explorer has today reached a new milestone of Block Height 80k! The official 80,000th block can be found here. This is another testament to the robust Ittrium Network. We’ve had a flurry of interest in Ittrium lately, thanks in part to our recent listing on MNCN.Online. As a reminder, MNCN offers:

Ittrium Masternode Data Tracking

MNCN statistical analysis on the data of Masternode cryptocurrency. All data comes directly from the blockchain and exchange.

Ittrium Masternode Monitoring

MNCN provides Masternode’s status monitoring service, allowing you to easily view your Masternode status.

Latest Masternode News

MNCN provides the latest news about Masternode and shares the fun of Masternode with investors around the world.

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The Ittrium Network has today reached a milestone of Block Height 70k! View it here on our Explorer. This is a testament to the stability of the Ittrium Network and we thank all members that have been involved thus far. We’re always looking for constructive feedback to grow our network, if you have any, please reach out to us on Discord! We’re always open to a chat.

Don’t forget, to celebrate the recent release of our Whitepaper Summary Video, we’re holding a brand new Ittrium bounty! All you need to do is follow the steps in our blog post here. Get going, the bounty won’t be lasting long.

We’re happy to announce that the Ittrium Explorer has reached a milestone of block height 60k! Check our Explorer now to see where we’re at. This brings with it the arrival of Phase 4 of Rewards distribution. Unlike most crypto projects, our rewards distribution starts low, ramps up & returns to normal. We believe this is not only a more fair approach to rewards, but allows for early investors and adopters to get the most bang for their buck.

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The Ittrium Blockchain has hit 60k blocks! With this comes Phase 4 of Rewards distribution. Please refer to our chart below for more information. This is an exciting time for all members of Ittrium, with a 1/3 more rewards available per block! Get in quick to make sure you’re apart of the Ittrium movement.

Network Update - Reward Distribution Phase 4

We’re fast approaching our distributed reward milestones. If you haven’t already, get in quick to the Ittrium Pre-Sale. We’re always interested to hear your feedback on the Ittrium project. Please contact one of the team members on or Discord channel to get in touch.

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We’re happy to announce that the Ittrium Explorer has reached a milestone of block height 50k! This is an awesome achievement and a testament to the stability of the network. With no major bugs or reports since the beginning, we look forward to continuing our sturdy network and bringing Ittrium to the mainstream. Check our Explorer now to see where we’re at.

The Ittrium Explorer is the best place to keep up to date with the Ittrium Network. There you can search Transactions, Wallet Addresses and everything blockchain related.

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Ittrium has officially passed block 40k! We look forward to the next 40,000 blocks.
Check out the official height on the Ittrium Explorer here.

Why Ittrium?

Bitcoin is commonly referred to as digital gold. In a similar way, we consider Ittrium to be the digital equivalent to the rare-earth metal Yttrium. Yttrium is synonymous with modern technology; it’s used in the production of computers, smart phones, lasers and superconductors. The demand for Yttrium has significantly increased in recent years and its relevance and value will continue to increase in the future. In many ways, Yttrium is the perfect metaphor for the Ittrium Cryptocurrency.

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Ittrium has reached Phase 3 of rewards! If you don’t have any idea what we’re talking about, please see our chart below! This is an exciting time for existing Stakers and MN Holders. Our rewards distribution provides fairness for Ittrium members of all varieties. Unlike other crypto projects, our rewards start low and ramp up before going low again. This helps to ensure that early adopters are well looked after.

Capture.PNG (1004×523)

We look forward to hitting our other reward phases with you!

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Ittrium has officially passed block 30k! We look forward to the next 30,000 blocks.
Check out the official height on the Ittrium Explorer here! With this comes the 3rd phase of reward distributions.

We’re excited to announce this milestone to our community and can’t thank you enough for all the support. This project will continue to kick goals and hit milestones and we hope you’re along for the ride. Share this announcement with your friends to help us get there sooner.

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