The Ittrium Cryptocurrency team strives to develop a market leading cryptocurrency that is price stable, offering fair returns via PoS and Masternodes. Check out our informative posts in the Wallet section. This section provides all of the most important information available for the Ittrium Wallet. This includes new releases, features and other important goodies.


Ittrium’s main development goal is ‘striving to be the most technically advanced privacy orientated cryptocurrency.’  In line with this goal, Ittrium wallet v2.0.0 will go live on 11/11/2018 (time-zones vary) and will implement the ZeroCoin privacy protocol, a type of zero-knowledge proof. A significant amount of work has gone into this massive update, 396 files have been amended, with 37,808 lines of code added and 18,137 lines deleted!

To ensure a smooth transition, the team has decided to stage the rollout of the ZeroCoin protocol, as such, there’ll be a 7-day maintenance period, before the ZeroCoin protocol is activated on 18/11/2018.  Whilst extensive testing has been conducted, with any update of this scale, minor bugs likely remain.  If you come across any bugs please create a ticket in the #tech-support channel on our discord and we’ll squish them in subsequent updates.

How does it Zercoin work?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, zero-knowledge proofs utilise advanced cryptography to hide the transaction history, essentially it proves the existence of transaction without revealing any transaction information.

The Zerocoin protocol allows users to ‘mint’ zXIT by burning their XIT, and in return be provided with zXIT, which is an I.O.U on the network that can be spent later to get their XIT back. When you want to initiate a spend, your wallet sends a zero-knowledge proof to the blockchain that allows fresh XIT to be created by the network which replaces the burnt XIT, but as it is freshly made it has no transaction history. You can even instruct the network to send the redeemed XIT to a 3rd party address, to completely hide who sent the XIT to the recipient.

That sounds complicated, what do I need to learn to use it? 

Firstly, if you don’t feel comfortable using zXIT, you don’t have too, simply ignore the zXIT features and keep using the wallet as previously.  The Zerocoin protocol like Obfuscation is a complementary feature for advanced users.  That said, we’ve worked to simplify the wallet user interface as much as possible however, if you still find yourself a bit lost, join us on Discord and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.  Furthermore, the team will be releasing more information, including video tutorial guides in the coming weeks on our YouTube channel to educate our community.

How do I convert XIT to zXIT and why can I only mint zXIT in specific amounts?

Simply go to the privacy tab in your wallet, enter an amount in the mint zerocoin text box, click mint zerocoin and the minting process will begin. Specific denominations are used to decrease the time it takes to approve your mint on the blockchain. Since every mint needs to have 2 more mints come after it before it is verified, allowing people to mint any amount they like would potentially lock coins in a perpetual state of “confirming”. Utilizing specified denominations nearly eliminates the risk that minted coins will never be confirmed. The denominations used by zXIT are: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000.

How do I spend zXIT?

The process is very similar to sending a normal transaction. In the privacy tab, you will find a familiar field in the bottom-left which lets you choose denominations to spend, enter an amount, and choose an address. Then you can click send to either receive ‘cleaned’ XIT yourself or send XIT anonymously to someone else.

Update ASAP!

It should be noted that once the spork is activated, wallets and masternodes not currently on the latest version will be disconnected from the network, so update ASAP!   Updating will reset your place in the masternode reward queue, but everyone needs to do this, so rewards will even out as the network updates to the new protocol.

Today we’d like to announce the Ittrium Core v1.1.0 release! This update brings a few new changes as well as general stability improvements and enhancements. Please see the full change log below as well as the links to download the new software:

Change log v1.1.0

  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Updated code, Amount changed to int64_t.
  • Updated to Dark Gravity Wave 2.0 difficulty.
  • Open SSL updated from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2.
  • Ability to removed orphans from transaction history (default setting).
  • Protocol updated from 70811 to 70900 (enforced via Spork 17).

We’re always looking to update our software so that users get the best possible experience out of Ittrium. If you haven’t already, please join us on Discord and voice your opinion. We’re always ready to listen to constructive feedback.

The numbers are in.. we’re happy to announce 600 Ittrium Wallet Downloads! This is an exciting and incredible achievement. To put it in perspective, it’s only been one month sincewe boasted 250 downloads. That’s almost 3x the user reach in a months’ time! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Grab a copy of our latest wallet now ›

Our wallet holds the most important information of the Ittrium blockchain – your XIT. From it you can send and receive XIT to anyone in the world. It also houses your Masternode configuration file for those of whom are lucky enough to be invovled as an MN holder. As a reminder, taken directly from our Lightpaper:

Ittrium Masternodes

Masternodes improve network stability and are tasked with important network duties allowing for near instant and private send functionality, called SwiftTX and Obfuscation, respectively. In return Masternodes receive a greater percentage of block rewards (i.e. 73%) to incentivise Masternode uptake. A wallet with 5,000 XIT collateral is required to host a Masternode.

We’re always looking to improve ourselves & the Ittrium project.
Have something you want to contibute? Please, contact us on Discord.

Have you heard the news? There’s been 250 Ittrium Wallet Downloads! This is an exciting accomplishment and milestone for the team and the Ittrium Community. If you haven’t already, make sure you grab a copy now. Our wallet brings all the power of the Ittrium network in a sleek, simple design. We’re always looking to constantly improve our products and hope that all members will provide feedback as needed. Download it now to get involved.

In other news, we recently grew to 300+ members on Discord & passed block height 30,000!
Keen to find out more? Simple – contact us, we promise we won’t bite.